Lan Printech S.L. was created in 2016 with the impulse of the Functional Print Cluster  (Grouping of Innovative Companies in Functional and Additive Printing) and consultancy from AEGRAN (Association of Graphic Arts Entrepreneurs of Navarre).

Thus, Lan Printech is the result of a joint investment project of 6 traditional  graphic arts businessmen from Navarre who have been developing R&D projects since 2013 on a consortium basis.

The six founding partners of Lan Printech are owners of traditional graphic arts companies that have known how to reinvent themselves. Realising the need to grow in added value, to diversify the product and market and to create new lines of business we have jointly focused on innovation.

In this sense, the graphic arts sector has diversified its production, adapting it to new printing techniques. Lan Printech was born from the enormous opportunities offered by functional printing in as diverse  fields as electronics, food and health.

David Ezquerro
Lodosa (Navarre)
Founded in 1961

Jokin Lezeaga
Noáin (Navarre)
Founded in 1998

Abel y Javier Larrad
Tudela (Navarre)
Founded in 1928

Iban Romo
Pamplona (Navarre)
Founded in 1907

Iñigo y Rubén Díez
Villatuerta (Navarre)
Founded in 1979

Fernando Beroiz
Huarte (Navarre)
Founded in 1972



Lan Printech distinguishes itself in the market through continuous innovation and quality of its products as well as the personalization and customer service.

Lan Printech’s value proposition is to develop innovative products that require advanced and functional printing, tailored to each customer.


Lan Printech’s MISSION is based on fundamental goals ranging from updating the world of Screen Printing, inspiring new forms of applicability to existing products, to creating value and making a difference to our customers, their products, businesses and consumers.

The global VALUES that guide the actions and behavior of Lan Printech in the world to make it a competitor and recognized company are:

  • Quality, pursuit of excellence as a company
  • Respect, trust and collaboration whit the client
  • Openness and curiosity about future trends and changes
  • Responsability, integrity and passion

Lan Printech’s VISION shapes our strategic plan and guides us in the direction of the following objectives:

  • Offer an efficient and comprehensive service to our clients and collaborators
  • Create a consolidated company in which all its members are inspired by a common goal
  • Create a work environment in which values such as teamwork and respect for people prevail
  • Promote environmental awareness to help improve our society

"The only impossible thing is what you don’t try.

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Lan Printech is in process of obtaining ISO 13485:2018 certification

“Certification of Management System for Medical Devices Manufacture”

We are pleased to inform you that Lan Printech S.L. is taking necessary steps to obtain ISO 13485 certification, an international certification for quality management systems for the manufacture of medical devices.

Esta empresa ha recibido una ayuda cofinanciada al
50% por el Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional a través del Programa Operativo FEDER 2014-2020 de Navarra




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